Event Management

MAJOR CORPORATE EVENTS such as European Works Councils, Board Meetings, General Meetings of Shareholders or Members and international conferences are important meetings for companies, federations and associations etc. Their organisation is complex and requires the coordination of multiple skills. The diversity and complementarity of our skills means we are the only contact you need to organise such complex meetings. We offer a wide range of services to human resources and social relations managers and to different organisers.

Everything you need in one contact

Translation for Corporate Event

We can translate the preparatory documents and provide and install all the equipment required for the interpreting. We provide the simultaneous interpreting of exchanges in several languages and the minutes of debates. We transcribe the meeting and prepare the minutes. We then translate this into the languages spoken by the participants and prepare a summary. Having one contact for all these tasks makes your life easier and means you can concentrate on the meeting itself.

 All our interpreters and graduates, specialised and boast perfect mastery of the source and target languages. They have over 5 years of experience. A dedicated project manager defines the details of the services with you and coordinates the work until you receive the final delivery. A team leader is systematically appointed to provide coordination between our interpreters and the person appointed by your company, during the meeting. A technician will be present throughout the event to ensure the equipment works properly, which is key to your meeting’s success. We are bound by professional secrecy and sign confidentiality agreements: Client – Byblos Translation – Translators.

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