TRANSCRIPTION of meeting minutes requires in-depth knowledge of the language. It requires intervention from qualified and experienced linguistic editors. Our writers are carefully selected. We record discussions and take notes in situ. Proofreading takes place to check for errors. Our quality control validates complete compliance with the work carried out.

In extenso transcription
The formalisation of all exchanges, behaviour and the environment. The document documents anything said during the meeting. The style is oral. It is used for minutes, interviews and debates of strategic issues.

Reworked transcription
The formalisation of exchanges with the words used orally. This is a comprehensive document, which can be distributed to participants, showing the organisation of ideas. The style is precise oral language. It is used for the minutes from board meetings and internal working documents.

Reformulated transcription
The formalisation of exchanges respecting ideas and spirit. This is a well-written, exhaustive, widely-distributed document with the focus being on the key points. The style is that of written language. It is used for conferences and internal documents.

After transcription, we also provide meeting summaries. This may be either global, summarising the information exchanged, their chronology and the content of the debate, or condensed, highlighting the debate’s key points and presented concisely.

Our rates are calculated per hour of recording.

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