• Technical and scientific translation
  • Commercial, communication and marketing translation
  • Legal and financial translation
  • Medical translation
  • Sworn translation

These traditional pillars of our business have been defined to adapt to businesses and new communication methods in order to create an innovative and customized structure. These types of translation rely heavily on the skills of a team of professionals specialized in the sector concerned (often having dual linguistic and technical training), and on translators having decided to work exclusively in a given sector (medicine, law, finance or communication etc).

Byblos Translation makes its expertise and rigorous methodology available to you in three stages

dedicated project manager to define your specific needs with you. They validate, from the first contact, the project’s key points such as type of content and target audience etc.

The text is translated by a specialized translator or, if required, by an editor in order to adapt it to the linguistic specificities in the target country.

The translated text is then subject to a comparative critical revision performed by the project manager. They check the accuracy of the terminology used, the coherence of the text with its environmental context and the relevance of the style adopted.

Whether your document is of a technical, legal, commercial or promotional nature, we can always offer you a solution adapted to your needs and constraints.

Specialized and experienced translators
They work exclusively into their mother tongue and in their specific sector. They are usually professionals with dual linguistic and technical training. They all have over 5 years of experience. They are carefully selected based on qualifications and tests.

Terminological glossaries
When dealing with large volumes, and for our regular clients, our technical infrastructure allows us to create multilingual translation memories and terminological glossaries. They guarantee the coherence of all your texts, both between different documents and over time. They serve as a reference for future projects.

A dedicated project manager
We want to establish a trustworthy relationship with you based on a long-term partnership. Therefore, we will provide you with a dedicated project manager who knows your company and its specificities along with experienced translators who understand your request and the message you want to convey. They will support you throughout the project, from its definition to delivery

We are bound by professional secrecy and sign confidentiality agreements: Client – Byblos Translation – Translators. Our secure FTP site allows data to be exchanged confidentially. Our rates are based on the number of source words, the rarity of the language, the technical nature, volume and deadline.

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